Online Box Office Procedures and Policy

 Overview and Policy
  1. To attend events at Silver Lakes that require advance reservations, owners and renters now use an Online Box Office and credit card payment process.
  2. The online Calendar provides information about each event including the date that online registration opens and closes. Event Registration will normally open at 4:00 pm two Mondays prior to the event and remain open 24 hours a day until midnight the following Monday.  A link will be provided on each calendar entry that takes you to the Online Box Office page for that event.
  3. Payments for events are securely processed as part of the online event registration process and are processed through Chase Bank who will collect your credit card payment. Your payment information is only submitted to the bank and is not processed or retained on the Silver Lakes website.
  4. The Box Office allows you to register 1, 2, 3, 4, or 8 attendees in one transaction. Allowing group registrations enables you to help neighbors and friends who are not comfortable with the online process. In addition, you are permitted to process more than one registration transaction, again enabling you to assist others. 
    • If you wish to sit with friends at the same table for a reserved seating event, your group needs to register in a single registration transaction. The person organizing the group will register and pay for all attendees in the group using a single credit card and collect money from others in the group. Table locations in the clubhouse will be allocated randomly, after combining the registrations to fill tables of 8. 
    • For open seating events, you can also register multiple attendees, but table seating will not be reserved.
  5. The process will be easy and familiar if you have experience with online purchases or payments. If you would like assistance getting started with the event registration process, please contact a Website or Box Office chair listed below, or seek help from a neighbor. 
  6. Receipt – You will receive an Email receipt to confirm your payment was successful.  The attendee name(s) in your registration will be added to the attendee check-in list used at the door instead of printed tickets.  You are not required to print your receipt and present it at the event. 
  7. Waiting List – If the event sells out, an additional registration option for Waiting List will be opened for those not yet registered to add their name through the online Box Office.  People on the list will be contacted by Box Office chairs if someone cannot attend opening their seat(s) to those on the list on a first registered basis. 
  8. Substitutes – If the event is sold out and you registered but cannot attend, please contact the Box Office Chairpersons so they can alert the next person on the waiting list desiring to attend. If an event is not sold out and you cannot attend, you can arrange a substitute but please notify the Box Office so the attendee list can be revised.
  9. Guests – Residents may only register guests staying with them at the time of the event when submitting registrations during the initial registration window.  If seats remain unused and announced by Email near the end of the registration window, residents may register guests staying outside of the park.
  10. Sales at Door – Certain events may allow last minute sales at the door if the event does not sell out online.  In that case, payment is to be by cash or check, but not credit cards.  The event committee will publicize and handle sales at the door.
  11. Event Committee Procedure - The Event chairs will review details of the event as provided in the Online Box Office and purchase their event registrations using the “Committee Table” registration option along with a passcode provided by the Box Office about 4 weeks prior to the event.  Other committee members will subsequently be given the passcode by the event chairperson and likewise register and pay for the event.  The event chair will be provided with the current list of registered committee members about two weeks prior to the event to confirm all committee members have registered.  The Committee chairperson will remind any missing committee members to register. The list of volunteers to be invited to the Celebrate the Stars event will be prepared from the list of committee table registrations.  The event chair therefore no longer needs to send a list of names on the committee to the Box Office.  
How to Get HELP
  • You need to login to the website to register for an event (available to both owners and renters).
  • If you don't recall your UserName or Password, you can use the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" link provided on the login screen.  You must enter the Email address you registered on the website to use the "Forgot" option.
  • You can request help with any aspect of the Online Box Office (website login or event registration) by contacting one of the following or submitting a Contact Us request.  Using Contact Us is accessible without being logged in and keeps our personal contact information off of this page that is likewise publicly accessible. One of the following will respond to your help request:
Website Login Ed Ross Kathy Bisonic
Box Office Karen Browne Lee Ann Magel
Step-by-Step Instructions
See printable Box Office Step-by-Step instruction Sheet including screen images to help you get started. A printed copy of the instructions will be available at Monday Morning Coffee and Announcements 
Created 11/21/21