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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Blue Stream Q&A Session
Location: Diamond Clubhouse
Time: 10am
Representatives from Blue Stream will be at this session to answer all your installation/implementation questions.  Below are a few questions that have been recently raised:
·      When will Blue Stream Internet be available?
·      How does an Amazon Fire TV Stick work with Blue Stream TV?
·      Will the Amazon Fire Stick play music channels?
·      On an RV Lot, do I need an Amazon Fire Stick?  Will Roku work? What about a Smart TV?
·      How many hours of TV can the TiVo record?  Can it record multiple channels at once?
·      Can the Blue Stream TV equipment be installed prior to the activation date (August 1, 2022)?
The above are just a few questions I have received in the last few months.  What are your questions?  Please bring them to this informative Q & A session to get answers from the Blue Stream people who are in the know!
See you there!
Ralph Bisonic and the Silver Lakes Geek Squad