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Fall 2019 Resort News
Posted on Oct 2nd, 2019

The following information was provided by our Resort Manager Tim in an Email 10/2/2019
Fall Greetings from SW Florida, 
Quite a few items of interest I thought I might pass along from Silver Lakes.
We will be delivering bags of mulch on Tuesdays and Fridays upon request from November thru January.  Please locate the form on the web site and once completed, mail both the form and payment  to Tina Burris.
This past year we were able to re-organize the storage facility and create more space available for rent and those on the waiting list at that time were able to be accommodated.  Thru normal attrition we now have 6 spaces available for rental with the length of space that varies from a minimum of 15' to maximum of 20'.  Residents who wish to utilize this facility for the first time, please contact the office ASAP as in the event spaces(s) remain available after October 21st those space(s) remaining will be made available to residents who may want to store a second piece of equipment.  If by chance space(s) still remain available, beginning November 4th those who rent at Silver Lakes will have an opportunity to utilize the storage yard.
Ten new white powder coated aluminum tables 48" in diameter have been ordered for the pool facilities and should arrive mid-October. 
In recent weeks we have installed 5 pallets of grass throughout the community and I anticipate more pallets will be required.
The home owner’s lots are being fertilized this week. 
The Board approved funding to have the entry to Silver Lakes professionally illuminated and this project turned out excellent.  A variety of light fixtures were utilized which include both up lighting & down lighting along with 5 fixtures running south along 951.  I believe most residents will be very pleased with the appearance that Silver Lakes now projects.
Green sand will be utilized on the T boxes this golf season and the green sand to supply the golf carts will be found in the box behind the 8th green just off the cart path while driving to the 2nd T box. The 9th green and practice putting green are under stress at the moment and are being treated accordingly.  The 3rd fairway is still somewhat damp & overall course conditions are excellent.
Stone paver projects completed this past summer include in front of DCH from the compactor/gravel lot running west to the shuffleboard courts.  This area was constructed for the parking of golf carts only.  Also completed were 70 ' by 6' sections in front of the 7th & 8th tees and greens along with a section between the SCH tennis court and golf cart staging pad.
We ran into an issue this past June where the hallway and bathrooms in the DCH were flooded from rain water as the roof top storm gutters and downspouts along with 1" by 62' drainage system on the pool deck is not sufficient enough to properly drain.  Apparently this has been issue in the past, therefore after all dirt, debris and tree roots were removed from the drains and downspouts ,we installed a drain of 5" in width by 62' to protect the clubhouse properly.
Power washing of all cement surfaces and walkways will continue into the month of October.
Crawford's arbor division is scheduled this week to begin trimming all Sable palms in each home owner’s lot.  Additionally we have 8 to 10 dead trees that will be removed along with the stumps ground down.  We will also be trimming many trees over 12' in height which have not been addressed in years.  Specifically most Bismark palms, Coconut palms and Washingtonians will be trimmed, along with many extra Sables over 12' which are overdue for proper maintenance.  We also have 4-5 Queen palms with Ganoderma which is disease and requires removal of the tree & stump to prevent contamination to neighboring trees.  Tree maintenance performed at Silver Lakes falls within lot maintenance and is the responsibility shared by the association and the homeowners as per Article V.
Calusa shrubs have been planted along the North fence line of the storage facility to provide a buffer similar to the fence line along the 9th hole.
Extensive updates were made at the Bocci courts this past Spring.  It was initially determined that many of the wood frames had to be replaced.  Once into the project it was re determined all the wood framing had to be replaced due to both rot and expansion of the wood.  Thus we replaced all the framing with pressure treated wood.  Additionally we accomplished landscaping on the south side of the courts and framed the landscaping with a stone paver wall which will provide seating for the fans watching the players compete. 
A few photographs have been included in a photo album on this website named Fall Updates for your review.  
My best to all and safe travels back.
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