AV Support

Diamond Clubhouse AV Support
With the Diamond Clubhouse AV equipment, we have the ability to support events and activities with:
  • A sound system and microphones,
  • Three TVs with a choice of feeds from a Comcast cable box, a DVD/Blu-ray/USB player, and wireless video access from a computer or camera,
  • A video camera,
  • Stage lighting.
Please follow these guidelines:
  • For all Major Events as listed on the Overview of Events page, an AV support person is automatically assigned at the start of the season.
    • The assignments are subject to changes as the season progresses.
    • To determine the support person assigned for your event, please review the current list:
      LIST OF AV ASSIGNMENTS  (11/15/22)
    • Contact the AV Chairperson identified below if your major event is not assigned AV Support.
  • If your special event or activity requires use of the sound system, TVs, or stage lighting, contact the Activity Committee to schedule someone from the AV Committee to help.  
    • A few weeks’ notice will help ensure availability of the equipment and necessary support.
  • Assign a single person in your group to work with the AV Cabinet support person.
  • Our expertise is in using the equipment. We don't create presentations or find music or videos for your event.
  • Note that the TVs won't work without access to the AV cabinet.
Chairperson: Clive Cadman 
Revised 3/3/2021