Governing Documents

Declaration of Covenants and Amendments

Searchable Compilation of Original with 15 Amendments dated 2/21/2022

Use the following links to open PDF copies of the recorded Declaration of Covenants and Amendments.
The amended Articles are indicated for each Amendment.
1993-05-04 Dec of Cov Amendment 1  Articles: V, VI, VII, X
1994-12-27 Dec of Cov Amendment 3  Article XIV Add Phase Two-A
2000-08-11 Dec of Cov Amendment 9  Add Phase Two-D, Two-E, Two-F
2007-05-05 Dec of Cov Amendment 11   Articles: II, III, IV, V, VI, VII,VIII, IX, XI, XIII  
2008-02-14 Dec of Cov Amendment 12   Add Phase Two-G   
2016-03-21 Dec of Cov Amendment 14   Articles: II, IV, V, XIII 

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of SLPOA

Articles of Incorporation of SLPOA - Compiled (1992 & 2005) Searchable Text
1992 Articles of Incorporation Original -  Scanned County Record Copy
2005 Articles of Incorporation Amendment - Scanned County Record Copy

By-Laws of SLPOA - Compiled (1992 & 2005) Searchable Text
1992 By-Laws Original - Scanned County Record Copy
2005 By-Laws Amendment Articles: I, III, IV, V, VI - Scanned County Record Copy