Frequently Asked Questions

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Diamond Club House
  • Audio/Video: How do I access the A/V equipment in DCH?
    Read the DCH A/V Cabinet Support document.
  • Bulletin Board: What can I post on the bulletin board at DCH?
    Chairperson:  Janet Conway
    Please place announcements on the area reserved for your type of announcement.  The areas are split up into three sections:  'Announcements', 'Sign-up Sheets', and 'Postings'.
    Some rules:
        *  One sheet per event - not bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 whenever possible.  Two may be used if absolutely necessary.
        *  Put up no sooner than two weeks before the event.  An occasional exception may be allowed.
        *  No signs for any items or lots for sale ; they belong in the book at the Silver Clubhouse.
        *  Take down notices as soon as possible after the event.   
  • Event Board Sign: Who updates the sign?
    Coordinators: Wade and Lee Ann Magel

    Every Sunday a list of the current activities is posted on the board outside Diamond Clubhouse.   These signs include Box Office Events and other park events.  During the week, updates are made when needed.
  • Kitchen Committee: What are the duties and services of this committee?
    Chairperson:  Patty Hermansen
    • The Kitchen Committee identifies needs and facilitates the upkeep of existing DCH Kitchen and Storage areas.
    • Deep clean DCH kitchen twice a year, end of season, and in the fall.  Monitor the DCH kitchen for cleanliness and advise AC Major Events Chair after events as needed.  Check SCH kitchen.
    • Replace small electrical items and kitchen supplies.  Coordinate with Paper Goods/Supply person.
    • Major equipment may be sourced at the AC’s request, or Board of Directors.
    Updated:  April 2017
  • Library: Is a Library available for SL Residents?
    Chairperson:  Maureen Condon

    Description:   The library in the Diamond Clubhouse is for the use of all Silver Lakes residents.  The book exchange allows residents to take out desired books for their reading pleasure and leave books for others to enjoy.
    NOTE:  Large-print books are needed for the Diamond Clubhouse Library.  Both hard back and paper back books are in demand.

  • Paper Goods/Supplies: How do I order supplies for an event?
    Supplies Coordinator:  Mary-Jo Kolde
    The stock in the supply closet is checked, and supplies are ordered weekly as needed.    To be assured of having the needed supplies, the Event Chairperson should submit a request for supplies to the Paper Goods/Supply Coordinatpr two weeks prior to the event.  Orders for food are limited to breakfast supplies as most Chairpersons prefer to buy what they need.

General Items of Interest
  • Coffee Notes: Where do I get them and how do I have an item published?
    Pick up a copy of the notes each week at Monday Morning Coffee and Donuts.
    If requesting an article be put into the Coffee Notes, the email address is:  
    Deadline for submission is Friday at 9:00 a.m.
    Editors:  Jennifer Tippet, Libby Swingle, and Kathy Bisonic
  • Family News: How do I share family health news within SL community?
    Coordinator:  Ann Thomas

    Details:  Ann Thomas is the point-of-contact if you want someone to send out an announcement via our group email system regarding sickness or any other information regarding our residents, renters, or x-residents and x-renters.  Please call or send Ann an email.  Her information can be found in the Address Book. 
  • Important Phone Numbers: Sheriff, Office, etc.
    See list of Important Phone Numbers for Silver Lakes residents
  • Kan Krushers: Who helps with aluminum can and other metal recycling at SL?
    Chairperson:  Steve Presgraves and Steve Young
    • Aluminum Cans:  There are collection points around the park.  The committee collects the cans, crushes them, bags them and ships them out to be recycled.  This has proven to be a worthy cause and benefits Silver Lakes Activities financially also.  PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO HELP IN DEPOSITING YOUR ALUMINUM CANS.  
    • Scrap Metal: The Kan Krushers also handle recycling of scrap metal and take that to recycling center raising additional money for SL. 
  • Logo shop: Where can I buy SL logo clothing?
    Co-Chairpersons:  Michael Pellegrino and Pat Appleyard

    When:  Mondays and when announced

    Where:  Diamond Clubhouse      

    Time:  Before and after Coffee / Announcements.

  • Name Badge: How do I get one?
    Name Badge Coordinator:  David Smith  
    Each owner is encouraged to wear his/her name badge to social events.  
    To purchase a badge, contact David Smith or see him at Monday Morning Coffee.  He will be wearing a red Hat.
    Pay by cash or check (made payable to David Smith) at the time of order.  The badges will be ready at the next Monday Morning Coffee or you will be called.
    For further details, contact David Smith (see the Address Book or Photo Directory).
    Updated 2/5/2019
  • Photographer: Who takes pictures at SL Events?
    Official Photographer for Silver Lakes: Jay Feldman

    It is the event chairperson's responsibility to contact Jay before the event to be sure he can attend and take pictures.  If he cannot, it is the chairperson's responsibility to find a substitute photographer that Jay approves of.  
  • Residents Trivia: Where are SL Residents From
  • Why can't we serve alcohol at SL Events?
    1. See letter from lawyer recommending SL not serve alcohol at events as part of the event fee.
    2. Read about tax consequences if alcohol is served at SL events
  • WiFi: What are the passwords for WiFi at the clubhouses?
    Diamond Lake Clubhouse Password for Wi-Fi
    Look for the network:  SilverLakes2.  The password is:  silverlakes (case sensitive with no space in between words)

    Silver Lakes Clubhouse Password for Wi-Fi
    Look for the network: Linksys. The password is: silverlakes (case sensitive with no space in between words)

SLPOA Group Email
  • 1. Who can send or recieve Silver Lakes Group Email?
    You must be an owner to send or receive Silver Lakes Group Emails. Your Email Address must be on the Group Email Distribution List.  If your email address changes, you should change it on the Website User Profile, but you ALSO need to notify the Website Administrator ( to change it on the Group Email Distribution List.  
  • 2. How do I register for SL Group Email and send a message?
    1. Please contact the website administrator at if you want to add or change your email address on the Group Email Distribution List.  
    2. When sending a Group Email, send your email ONLY to DO NOT send it with "cc's". DO NOT send it with two or more email addresses. Doing so, would cause your email to be rejected. There is a setting on the Group Email Program limiting the number of recipients to one; is considered one recipient. The software is set up that way for your protection as an owner. There are many reasons for this. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the website administrator.
  • 3. Can I forward an Email I receive to SLPOA Group?
    Respecting that over 500 owners will receive your email, send no "forwards" please. Can you imagine how many "forwards" potentially there could be? Keep the content to "Silver Lakes-related matters of interest to other Silver Lakers". 
  • 4 What rules govern the SLPOA group Email?
    • The Group Email System is for owners of Silver Lakes’ property. Some controls are necessary to keep it that way.
    • For guidelines on advertising your property either “for rent” or “for sale”, please go to “For Rent Properties” or “For Sale Properties”.
    • Advertising on-going services for yourself or others, is not allowed on the group email system or the community website.
  • 5. How do I handle SPLOA Email I don't want to read or see?
    NEVER put a Silver Lakes group email into your SPAM folder. Our group emails are not SPAM. If there is an email that you do not want to read, simply DELETE IT. Do not put it into SPAM. Doing so, can hurt the process of sending group emails for the entire group.
  • 6. Can I attach a photo to an Email?
    Yes you can attach a picture (.jpg), but you need to reduce the file size to less than 200 KB.