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Silver Lakes Online Box Office Overview
  • This new feature of the SL website provides a contactless means to register for and to pay for events at Silver Lakes.
  • You need to login to the website to register for an event (available to both owners and renters).
    • If you don't recall your UserName or Password, you can use the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" provided on the login screen.  You must enter the Email address you registered on the website to use the "Forgot" option.
    • Please also fee free to contact a website administrator using the Contact Us page for any problems with your use of the website.
  • You will make an online payment using your credit or debit card.
    • Your card information will be entered directly on a secure payment service provided by Chase Bank. 
  • You will receive an Email confirmation which will serve as your receipt.
  • The process will be easy and familiar if you have done online payments before. If you would like assistance getting started with the event registration process, please contact either of the Box Office chairs listed below. 
How to Get HELP
You can request help with any aspect of the Online Box Office (website login or event registration) by submitting a Contact Us request.  Using Contact Us is accessible without being logged in and keeps our personal contact information off of this page that is likewise publicly accessible. One of the following will respond to your help request:
Website Login Ed Ross
Website Login Kathy Bisonic
Box Office Vicki O'Brien
Box office Karen Browne
Upcoming Events are listed below:
  • Click on the link "More Details" to review full details for an event.
  • After the opening date for registration, a link "Register Now" will appear.  Click that link to begin the registration process. (Note: If you see "Requires Passcode" for all of the registration types on 2nd page of the registration process, the event is restricted access for testing purposes and not yet available for you to register.)


Test - Group Tables - no enhacements

More Details & Attendees | Export to Calendar | Login Required to Register
02/16/2021 5:00 pm
03/31/2021 10:00 pm
Groups of 8 using registration cost.
Groups of (4 x2) using registration cost. Other tables using users 1 or 2. No enhancements