Important Phone Numbers

 Collier County Sheriff's Department  239-252-9300
 open 24 hours per day
 Dispatch for Fire, EMS, and Police
 Emergency 911  
 Silver Lakes Office Phone  239-417-3446  
 Silver Lakes After Hours Emergency Number 239-???-???? New emergency number will be available soon
 After Hours Irrigation Maintenance Phone 239-207-9714
 Leave a voice mail message with the details, including 
 the address(es) where the situation is located
 Silver Lakes Office - Fax  239-775-4165  
 Silver Lakes Rental Office  239-775-2575  
 Collier County Utilities (water & sewer) 239-252-2380  
 Florida Poison Info Center 800-222-1222  
 FPL (Florida Power & Light)
 Surge Protectors for electric meters (FPL)  888-667-8743  
 Thompson Gas - Propane Refills  239-992-7942