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COVID Update for Silver Lakes
Posted on Sep 22nd, 2021
As fall and cooler weather approach, you may have some questions about what it will be like at Silver Lakes this year. As we all know, the Covid 19 crisis is unfortunately still with us. The BOD and the Activities committee together will follow the Florida and Collier County restrictions for Covid 19. Right now there are no restrictions per Florida rule. We will keep an eye on any changes and adjust our Covid 19 policies and events as our season moves along if needed.
The Florida Department of Health has issued a public health advisory, as follows:
  • Residents and visitors are advised to wear face coverings if social distancing is not possible, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Avoid closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine remains the best way to slow down the COVID-19 pandemic. The vaccine is safe and effective and has been proven to reduce serious illness, hospitalization, and death.
As we all know the vaccine does not prevent you from getting the virus. We were very fortunate last year to have only a dozen or so cases of Covid 19 and thankfully - no deaths. All the outdoor activities led by their respective committees did a great job adjusting their activities to be safe. The activities making these adjustments included pickle ball, bocce, shuffleboard, horseshoes, golf, corn hole, exercise classes, billiards and tennis. The Activity Committee also did a commendable job making the necessary adjustments in all the functions that they sponsored.
Coffee hour will begin on Monday, December 6. The first major event will be the Veteran’s Day celebration on Thursday, November 11.
We wish everyone a good fall and safe travels to Silver Lakes!!!
Sincerely, BOD