Event Planning

The following links open the key documents that enable Event Chairpersons to plan and Execute a Major Event. Login to use links to forms. 

  1. Guide for Event Planning

  2. Event Timeline/Check-List

  3. Room Reservation (for decoration and setup)

  4. Event Estimated Budget -  Online Submittal

  5. Publicity 
    • (1) Submit Calendar Entry 
    • (2) Box Office Flyer and (3) SL Community Channel page will be prepared for major events from Calendar Entry.

  6. Event Final Details Form  - Online Submittal
    • Required to provide Box Office information and initiate Flyer preparation
    • Identify Name of person event assigns to take photos of event, if desired. 
    • Due no later than 5 weeks before event

  7. Request for Reimbursement/Payment - Printable Form to Attach Receipts

  8. Event Final Tally Form - Online Submittal

  9. Storage of Event Decorations - Instructions

Supporting information

  1. List of Event Support Contacts

  2. AV Support (includes list of assigned support person)

  3. Table Layout Examples

  4. Kitchen Procedures and Information

Revised 2/4/2024

The following documents can be printed in support of Potluck Dinners Sign-ups. Note sheets for two different options for Potluck signu-ps are provided. 
Potluck Table Layout Numbering  (for use with above Combined Table and Dish Sigh-up Form)
Potluck Dinner Dish Sign-up (for use with separate Table Sign-up Diagrams )