Event Planning

The following links open the key documents that enable Event Chairpersons to plan and Execute a Major Event.

  1. Guide for Event Planning

  2. Event Timeline/Check-List

  3. Estimated Event Budget -  Online Submittal

  4. List of Event Support Contacts

  5. AV Support (includes list of assigned support person)

  6. Publicity 
    • (1) Submit Calendar Entry (login first)
    • (2) Box Office Flyer and (3) SL Community Channel page will be prepared for major events from Calendar Entry.

  7. Room Reservation (for decoration and setup)

  8. Table Layout Examples

  9. Event Final Details Form  - Online Submittal
    • Required to provide Box Office information and initiate Flyer preparation
    • Identify Name of person event assigns to take photos of event, if desired. 
    • Due no later than 5 weeks before event

  10. Request for Reimbursement/Payment

  11. Event Final Tally Sheet - Online Submittal

  12. Storage of Event Decorations

Revised 3/17/2023

The following documents can be printed in support of Potluck Dinners Sign-ups. Note sheets for two different options for Potluck signu-ps are provided. 
Potluck Table Layout Numbering  (for use with above Combined Table and Dish Sigh-up Form)
Potluck Dinner Dish Sign-up (for use with separate Table Sign-up Diagrams )